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09/17/2013   Five year old boy needs your help!

He has cancer (T-Lymphoblastic Leukosis) and desperately needs stem cell transplant. He is hospitalized at the Hospital University of Bonn in Germany. The operation is planned for October 2013.
After first round of Chemotherapy he went in to remission which lasted about two month, but on August 8 he had a relapse, so doctors urge his parents to get stem sell transplant. He has the donor, all he needs is the funding! Please donate whatever amount you can-you may just save his life

He is Ukrainian, but he can't get treatment in Ukraine because they just don’t have that technology. His parents are forced to look for help outside of the county, but he has no outside insurance, so we urge you to help us raise enough money for him so doctors will do the life saving procedure. The operation is planned for this October 2013.

If you have ideas on getting funding or treatment in US for a non citizen child please send your thoughts to Yuliya (

For any questions in regards to Dima please do not hesitate to contact: Maryna 240-347-2220 or Vladyslav 240-389-3337 or for proof of his condition and documentation from the clinic he is currently in.

Here is information on checks donation:
Personal checks:
(please make sure you mention that donation for Dima but send it to Ben Regenspan, something like this: "for Dima Lastovka" on check)
Ben Regenspan
Lerer Ventures
560 Broadway, Ste. 308
New York, NY 10012

Thank you in advance for any help, advice or prayer!

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