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Календарь событийВечеринкиЗимняя праздничная вечеринка - Winter-White Affair: Fête En Blanc

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Зимняя праздничная вечеринка - Winter-White Affair: Fête En Blanc
Начало/Конец:Пятница, 21 Декабря 2018 21:00 - Суббота, 22 Декабря 2018 02:00
Где:3315 Cadys Aly NW
Washington, DC 20007

Welcome to the Winter-White Affair: Fête En Blanc!



One of the most anticipated events of this winter is almost here and tickets are selling out fast! Great deals online (includes drink and food), get it now, it won't last long!

This year we are dreaming of a winter-white wonderland so we invite you to our En Blanc affair, so dress up in your best outfit “all white” and come to party with other gorgeous people who enjoy elegance and shine just like you do!

Warm yourself with a complimentary glass of champagne and enjoy h'ors doeuvres for the first hour - because it's all included in your ticket price, this winter extravaganza at L2 can't get any better, can it? Well, how about enjoying snow indoors, because we are planning to dance and have fun under the snow all night!

This is THE place to be to celebrate winter and get into pre-holiday fun!


Table reservations (directly with the venue)

♫ Music ♫
Andrey Bazza

▲ Everyone 21+ ▲

For more info:
✿ 703-991-3130 / 703-869-0929 ✿

Left Up Right

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