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Календарь событийПрочееСабантуй

Left Right

Начало/Конец:Воскресенье, 9 Июля 2017 10:00 - 16:00
Где:Fort Hunt Park
8996 Fort Hunt Rd
Alexandria, VA 22308

Kaderle Duslar! Tatar DC kindly invites you to it's 8th annual Sabantuy. PLEASE NOTE that we have a NEW LOCATION this year and the DAY of the WEEK: FORT HUNT PARK, Shelter "A", SUNDAY, JULY 9th, 2017!

We also are expecting a SPECIAL GUEST performer Saida Mukhametzyanova who was in the final round of " The Voice" TV show for kids in Russia:

There will be also performers from Tatarstan (more details are coming up).

We will start at 10:00am. We welcome any food and sweets you can contribute to our community tables but please keep in mind that the event is pork- and alcohol- free.

$20 (per person), kids under 12 enter for free. Entrance Fee and/or your voluntary donation helps us to carry on our mission of saving Tatar culture!


* Musical performances by special guest and talented artists
* Traditional games such as Race with a Carrying Pole (Коромысло), Tag of War, Sack racing, Musical Chairs, Dancing with an Apple, Breaking the Pot, and a new surprise game (comes with a prize for all winners);
* Hot tea and desserts;
* Delicious halal meat Plov (pilaf) made fresh and served with a salad

Please register at the Welcome Table. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, we are happy to help!

With any advanced questions also contact us at

Left Up Right

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