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01/21/2016   Success secrets. Felt in Svetlana Mae and Katia Tarkhan's hands

Today we would like to introduce our readers to the talented felt designers Svetlana Mae and Katia Tarkhan, who live and work in Virginia.

You said that you are creating, "Felt Art", how does that differ from the ordinary felt?

- The word "felt" is inevitably associated with something gray and crude. With boots and or a Soviet overcoat, for example. We want to break free of the associations and to show that the felt can be elegant and beautiful. All our pieces are made using the "Nuno-felting" technique. "Nuno" is Japanese for "cloth." i.e. fusing a fabric from wool without the use of traditional spinning. The felt wool webs itself into a cloth. The use of this technique opens up limitless possibilities for the creation of clothes and shoes. All of our items are made without a seam, made of wool, silk and other natural fabrics.

In your opinion, how interested is the American consumer in felt fashion?

- Modern lifestyle and new technologies, especially in America, give rise to "fast fashion". Buy, throw on, wear and throw out. Against this background, all the more acute is the need for something permanent, natural and high in quality. These pieces are handmade and each is unique like a painting or sculpture. We believe that the demand and interest in such products is growing both in America and in other countries.

Why did you choose felt to create your own products?

- A felt designer does everything herself: the design, the template and even the material. She realizes her idea into a product from start to finish. At the material stage, the "felter" invents a one and only material. My studio is full of test swatches. I would like to say once again that all the products are made without seams -- even coats and shoes. It should be noted that animals whose wool we use: llamas, sheep of different breeds, mohair goats; are not harmed by our process. They graze happily in meadows from New Zealand to the USA.

Another reason to wear felt is the healthy properties of wool.

- Everyone knows wool is an excellent thermoregulator. This property conveys to felt. It stops both cold and heat from getting to your body and at the same time retains your own body temperature. But not everyone knows that the wool neutralizes toxins released on the surface of the body through sweat. It also stimulates blood circulation and has a positive effect on the immune system. It is recommended that people wear felt products if they suffer from chronic fatigue, high levels of stress at work, and frequent colds. Wearing woolen goods decreases pain in the joints and bones. There is a reason why your grandmother wanted you to wear your wool hat!
Felt is also good for people involved in sports - it soothes sore muscles.

What materials do you use in your work and where you get them?

- We often buy materials on the Internet at sheep exhibitions. To get interesting surfaces and textures, we use wool from sheep living in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. They have the most exotic names; Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Llanwenog. One of our favorites is Manx Loughtan wool that we get straight from the Isle of Man.

Why did you decide to join forces and work together?

- By combining our efforts, we have increased our range of products. Now we offer home furnishings and clothing and even shoes. We always take into account the wishes of the customer and love their creative ideas. Also, working together is more enjoyable. We share each other's strength and inspiration!

And where do you get your inspiration for creating new things?

- We travel a lot. Changing our environment and experiencing new cultures always brings fresh ideas. European architecture fascinates with its beauty and awakens inspiration.

What is your success?

- Professional success is happy customers dressed in our clothes.

Contact designers can through Facebook:
Katia Tarkhan or Wool Alive
Svetlana Mae or, website:

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