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07/30/2014   If you are not a Java/Web developer yet? Here is your chance!

Vladi Reznikov, one of the founders of SurePathIT, is visiting us today.

Vladi, how did you come up with the idea to teach busy (often full-time working adults) who wish to find a good paying job in software development?

- I have a lot of experience as a software developer, team leader and project manager in IT. It is a known fact that college graduates with a degree in Computer Science utilize no more than 20% of the theoretical knowledge they gained in college. On the other hand, they mostly lack practical experience. That’s how this idea was born. A six months program that will combine 20% from the Computer Science course with a lot of practical exercises and work on projects for different companies.

The job market in greater Washington DC is always good for software developers. How can someone find a job like this?

- Sign up for our program. This course requires NO previous knowledge and/or experience in computer science or software development. The assumption is that students haven't learned any programming languages before. No college education is required.
What does it mean "no previous knowledge and/or experience"?
You should know how to switch on your laptop (which you will need) and be familiar with doing a search. Knowing the term "Google" helps. That’s it. Don’t hesitate, sign up for our free informational session on September 9th, 2014.

What is the schedule and when your program starts?

- The course includes short lectures, exercises and enriching labs on a weekly basis for six months. The class meets three times a week, two evenings during the week and once on Saturdays. The class size is limited to twenty students. The course begins on September 23, 2014.
More details are here: Career Path Change (Java and Web)

What will your students get upon graduation?

Good foundation in Computer Science theory, practical competency in Java/Web programming, "1Z0-803: Java SE 7 Programmer I" certificate by Oracle, Certificate from SurePathIT and most importantly real world experience working on projects (unpaid externship) for our partners and clients. We also provide job interview training and introduce our students to recruitment agencies.

For more information visit
917-830-7846 Vladi.

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